The Legend of the Teacake

It is said that during the Civil War in antebellum Tennessee, a young Southern belle was renown for her beauty and cooking prowess. Although she was only 17, she had perfected family recipes which had been in the family for generations. Her teacakes in particular were known throughout the Southern region. When the Civil War started, food shortages were everywhere, thus food supplies beyond the basics were rarely available.

However, her brother, a Confederate major, brought home a young Captain Confederate officer home to Tennessee to visit. The young Captain's birthday happened during his visit. Southern belles were supposed to be admired not only for their beauty, but their baking as well. The girl was smitten with the young officer, and wanted to bake a cake for the visiting captain for his birthday. She found she didn't have enough ingredients for a regular size cake due to the war rationing, so she instead made small tea cakes. When the war ended, the captain returned to Tennessee and married the young lady.

We like to think that the legend lives on and is sure to be a new love story... You will fall in love with these delicious tidbits of yummy goodness and who knows, maybe they will introduce or rekindle you to the love of your life!

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